Saturday, August 02, 2008

The unique people of our village


Anonymous said...

The Canadians arrived safe, sound, tired and happy! Madeleine LOVED her time at Unique Village, and said she would go back in a heartbeat. We have enjoyed her many tales about the past month - the friends, the activities, the sights, the Nutella... and how kind the staff, JCs and leaders were. We can't thank you enough for all your time, efforts, and care. A thousand thanks just aren't enough.

Debbie Soroczan and Bill Wright

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone at unique village!:-) Mona from Norway here. It seems that you had a really nice stay at the rest of the camp. Awesome!:D I was considering to come visit you, but I unfortunately didn't have the time for it. I miss you guys a lot, and it's been really fun to read your informative and fun blog! And good luck at school who's coming up soon! Hugs and kisses from Mona!