Saturday, August 02, 2008

The last week at Unique Village!

The last days we spent together in our village was a lot of fun. We had great weather, which meant watergames and a walk down to mjøsa so everybody could enjoy a last swim in norwegian water! The leaders also planned their last activities with the kids, and one importante was the one where the kids were divided into their delegations and told to draw a map of the world and put in the countries represented in the village in the right place. After a month together we have all learned a lot about eachothers country and culture but placeing it on a map didn't turn out to be that easy. After every delegation had tried their best, they got a real map to compare their own with. It was a good activity where the kids got an idea of where in the world their new friends live!

On Wednesday, which was our last full day, everybody did a lot of cleaning and packing in the morning so that we could spend the rest of the day together doing a lot of activities. We had all of our favourite energizers in the beginning of activity 2 and continued with girls against boys in "catch the bacon". Then we had "the four elements" before everybody was told to go to their bedroom an bring down their madrass, blanket and pillow. The last night would be spent with everybody sleeping in the gym!

After our last dinner, we all went down to the gym and enjoyed watching a slideshow of the month in our unique village. It brought out both laughter and tears when we saw what our time in Kapp had been like. After that we finished writing in the memorybooks that everybody would bring back home with a nice message from all the others! In the last flagtime, we said goodbye to eachother in every language and sang the CISV-song for the last time.

When we went down to the gym again we sat in a circle around candles spelling CISV with a peace-sign at the end. Everyone got to lit a candle and say what they wanted to say about their experience with this village. It was a really nice ending to the month we have been together and a quiet time to look back on everything we have done and all the people we have gotten to know. Then we had the circle of hugs, where everybody got the chance to say goodbye to each and everyone. This nights lullabies was held with everybody in their beds, and some even went to sleep with the singing still going on. It had been a long but good and emotional day and some had to get up very early the next day!

During the morning hours the staff spent their time driving the kids and the leaders to the station, giving out hugs and saying goodbye. After the last ones where safely put on the bus, we went back and found the school so empty and quiet as it had never been before!

We in the staff hope that you all had a good trip back home and that you are safely back togheter with your families in this moment! We would like to thank all the parents who sent their child to us and gave us the chance to get to know them and have them with us during this great month here in Norway! We hope this is a summer your kids never will forget and that they went back home with a big smile on their face.

And of course not to forget the most important ones; Thank you to all the kids who made this village a fantastic and UNIQUE experience! We are so happy that you could be a part of it!

With all our love,

Lars , Mia, Hilde , & Toggie


Anonymous said...

Dear Lars, Mia, Hilde and Toggie,

The brazilina delegation arrived in Brazil well and very happy. I am grateful for your dedication and have had the opportunity to give our children.

If one day come to Brazil, please, come into contact.

Thank you and God bless those.

Paulo D'Andréa I'm a Camila's father from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lars,Mia,Toggie and Hilde

I would like to say:Thank you for all!!!!!

This summer was a great experience for the children.
Alan returned very happy with lot of things to tell to us!!!
He is already missing all the friends from the camp.

I can imagine how is strange to be in a camp without all the childreen.

I wish all the best and thank you again for all.

best regards,

Ingrid(Alan's mother from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

Dear Staff; thankyou for everything, the Guatemalan delegation returned OK, and very happy but sad at the same time, thankyou for sharing with them so many good things. Annika

Thankyou for everything that you share with me, I miss you all, hope to see you againg someday Kristina from Guatemala

Anonymous said...

Dear Lars, Mia, Hilde, Toggie and CISV Norway,

The Lithuanian delegation arrived home safe and sound.
Thank you so very much for this wonderful unforgetful experience that the kids had at the unique village. I can already see it has made a great positive impact on my son Kasparas, who kept sobbing for his camp and new friends for a few days...
Thank you for your every effort to make this campm the most memorable event ever for the children and for your endless kidness and friendship that the kids had a luck to enjoy!

With warmest regards from all of in Lithuania,
Egle (Kasparas mother)

Anonymous said...


Lars, Mia, Toggie, Hilde, Eleonora, TJ, Papis, Severi, Ariel, Thea, Ingvild, Alan, To, Cami, BI, Tha, Laura, Maddie, Johan, Tom, Olivia, Mathilde, Ida, Laurits, Rune, Sara, Marie, Pia, Nico, Martin, Frauke, Dani, Kristina, Demian, Andres, Ricardo, Helena, Hildur, Johan, Tryggvi, Alma, Irene, Sofia, Arturo, Giacommo, Alaudio, Daniele, Migle, Kasparas, Vytenis, Justas, Embla, Susana, Joar, Brinjar, Hilde, Mona, Hege, Iria, Paloma, Andres, Luis, Lucia, Kajsa, Rebecca, Jesper, Simon, Stina, Sivan, Spencer, Gray, Alex, Sean and Kitchen Staff ☺.


Anonymous said...

Hey :)
I don't know if anyone will see this comment after that long time...but I just wanted to say...That this camp is,was and will be totaly fantastic and it was the best in my life ;) Thank you everyone...I really really miss you all...
Best wishes from LT delegation and millions hugs :)