Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27

Delegation of the day: Norway and Guatemala

Today Norway and Guatemala were delegations of the day. Norway woke the kids in the morning.

In the first activity we had a big trust game. At the end of the activity, all the kids were divided into pairs and then each of them wrote a postcard for their partner in his/her language. One was telling the sentences to write on the postcard and the partner had to write it down like the language sounds. They should also say it in their own language.

In the second activity we played the game “contrast”. Every group had to perform themes about differences; peace-violence, cooperation-competition. They did very well, it was great to see them act.

Because the day was too hot, we just decided to have a watergame. We had a lot of fun with a hose and sprinkler.

In the third activity the kids, together with the JC’s, had a little pillowfight and then they saw the movie “Pay it forward”. It was a good day! :)

Norway &

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Anonymous said...

Nice and educative movie...waiting for more picturas, please! Andrea, Guatemala.