Thursday, July 03, 2008

First arrivals

It is Thursday, and we already have our first arrivals here. Our Italian, Brazilian, American, and one of our Norwegian JC's have arrived, and are already put to work by making signs for all the doors. Tomorrow the rest of the JC's and all the leaders will arrive, and we will together start planning our unique village. Leave a comment if you like, and enjoy the reading.


Anonymous said...

We look forward to read more! And hope you will opload photos.

Anonymous said...

We wish you an excellent Village time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Guatemala to all of you.

Andrea y Adrian Licht

Anonymous said...

From Italy...
Have a good time together! We are waiting news from all of you...especially photos...
Nadia e Gianni

Anonymous said...

From Västerås Sweden

Nice to see this blog. Hope everyone has settled in well, have a great time.
Love to Kajsa J.

Lena & Mike

Anonymous said...

From Italy

looking forward to having photoes from you. Hope everything is fine


Jan said...

This is a big HI from Sweden to Jesper and the rest of the Swedish delegation.

Great pictures! Show me more.

Janne och Jacob

Anonymous said...

PAPIIIIIS!!! ja causando assim no comecinho??!! SÓ VC MESMOOO!! t adoro, seu locooo!!!!