Monday, July 28, 2008

Friday, July 25

Delegation of the day: JC's

We started the day with lullabies and ended it with morninggym. In addition to the day being run completely backwards, we also had the JC olympics wich took activity 1, 2 and half of the third.

We began the olympics with dividing people into groups, then the groups had to do their groupcostumes, song and dance. Each of the JC's had their own station with trust, communication and general fun activities. The groups competed throughout the day for different prizes.

At the end the JC's handed out trophies to the winners and presented their booklets. After that, we had the "monito game", which was awesome. Everybody's secret friend was revealed. We had a great time and we continued with the "scratchmurder game", and after a lot of fun we had a snack and "morning gym"where we sang some awesome songs.

From all the JC's


Anonymous said...


It's very good read all the news that you post here on the blog.


We know how difficult it is for you to make this blog after day so busy.

But know that other side of the world is very, very special receive such news of our children.

I would suggest that put more photos of these last days of Village.

Thank you very much.


Paulo - Camila's father from Brazil

Anonymous said...

IT´S VERY NICE to have this blog and be in touch with news from the camp. I know the camp is almost to end, so i would like to ask for more pictures, Is the best part of the blog.

we are waiting for your pictures.


Mauricio, J. Andres father Guatemala.