Sunday, July 06, 2008

Getting ready

It is sunday afternoon, and the kids will arrive in just a few hours. After several delays with flights, finally we got all the leaders and JCs at the camp site. We have used this weekend for long meetings, going through rules, expectations, ideology of CISV and everything that is going to happen. But of course we have also spent a lot of time getting to know each other and socializing. Saturday night we had a big project, everyone was divided into groups. The first group made lasagna, the second made vegetarian lasagna, the third group made the salad and set the table, while the fourth group made brownies for desert. Everyone agreed that it was a well tasting and nice meal. Right now all the leaders and JCs are making the beds for the kids, putting up posters, decorating and getting ready to what we have been looking forward to the whole weekend - KIDS' ARRIVAL!

Thank you for comments, it is very nice to hear from you.

-Mia, staff.


Anonymous said...

From Denmark - so nice to read about what you are doing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Galicia (Spain), it´s a great idea to run this blog to be able to "hear" from you. Kisses to everybody there, specilly for Iria (my daughter) when she arrives.

DebS said...

Hello from Canada!
We have just returned from bringing our four Ecuadorian homestays to their Summer Camp near Ottawa, and now we have time to miss our Madeleine. We are very excited and looking forward to reading all about the activities at Unique Village and seeing the photos. What a wonderful idea to have a blog. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Brazil!!!
Very nice to see photos and to receive information about the village.
Have a great time at Unique Village!!!

beijos(kisses) for all!!!!

Ingrid(Alan's mother)