Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friday, July 18

Delegation of the day: Staff

Halfway into the camp! Today we had our open day and we had invited others to come and see what we do and which countries are gathered here in Kapp. Every delegation got their own desk where they put up pictures, food, brochures and different things that they had brought from their country. Those who had a national costume put it on and everybody did a great presentation of themselves during a show we put on in the gymhall. The weather wasn’t too bad, so we managed to have a little barbeque outside during the day and some of the delegations could offer a little snack by their desk.

After the show in the gym, we all went outside and had flagtime together with the hostfamilies. The cicle got huge! Then all the kids were just waiting to have their name called so they could meet the family they were spending the weekend with. After some hugs and goodbyes all the kids had left the school and now the leaders had some time to clean up, finish packing and get ready to go to our leader’s weekend!

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