Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tuesday, July 08

Delegation of the day: Canada

We started our day with a preppy wakeup making all the skeeping kids jump! Then as usual, we went out to breakfast but to our surprise, to go along with bread, we had the cereal! To help clean up all the soggy cereal, the cleaning groups tidied up the school making it spic and span. Activity 1 was an extra surprise because we went outside for a change. We played cat and mouse and used a whole lot of energy! But it was really fun all the same.

For lunch, we had macaroni and cheese and tomato purée. (Which was meant to be soup) Then, for activity 2 (which was also outside!), we played “Samurai intergalactico” which is a fun game where you get to yell your head off multiple times! After that, we played a fun runninggame called “Octipus”. The object of the game is to get across the playing field without getting caught by the sharks or the octopus which can’t move. Everybody had a lot of fun.

After delegationtime and an asian style dinner of thai noodles served in a laundrybasket, we had the last activity of the day, activity 3. The activity was meant to teach names to the rest of the camp. A famous one is “the Blanket game”! 2 teams, 1 person in the “hot seat” and one objective to guess the oponait’s name first! Who ever does will win. The last game was “The newspaper game”. 1 circle and 1 person in the middle. That person tries to tap the person called. There is a lot of running and head scratching.

Next came a snack, you had a choice of different breads. Once we all had our fair share, it was Flag time, where we all say goodnight in our own language, then sing the CISV song. For lullabies we sang five songs; American Pie, Wonderwall, Yellow Submarine, Leaving on a Jetplane and You are my sunshine. Then we all went to bed after another great day!

Thom, Laura, Maddie, Johan & Olivia

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Anne-Lucie said...

From Canada - Thomas' mother.

Go Canada Go! You seemed to have done a great job on Canada Delegation Day! Can someone explain to me what are "Thai noodles in a laundrybasket"?