Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thursday, July 24

Delegation of the day: Canada and Spain

Today, we had a very interesting day, but almost everybody had their share of frustration. We started out with our regular old breakfast of bread, nutella, jam, butter and cereal. But we all noticed something different about breakfast, a group of kids had been chosen to go and get their breakfast earlier than the others. They were considered as the kids doing especially well at camp.

After breakfast, we went down to the gym and played the grass is growing. We were divided into two groups, one which was much smaller, and that had an advantage over the bigger group, which was found unfair. Although the bigger team had a disadvantage og no verbal communication and having to get over a higher rope without bars to hold on to, the bigger team worked really well together, showed great cooperation and team spirit. When we came into the dininghall for lunch, we saw something very different. The tables in the first half of the room were less crowded, the kids sitting there were served their food by leaders and the tables had tablecloths and candles. The other 53 kids were stuffed onto 4 tables were they had to wait for the “rich kids” to be served. But all these treatment was to be explained later in the day.

After lunch, the kids went outside because the weather was faboulus. They got a task; to protect an egg with different types of materials like cardboard, plastic bags, cans.. After that the leaders trough the egg out the window. The “rich kids” had more materials and also made a parachute so it was the only one that didn’t break. After dinner, we had a long debrief during 3rd activity because we wanted all the kids to get the point of the activity, the most important part of the game.

From Canada and Spain

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Nice activity, frustration and team work together! The camp is almost finishing...can you please post more pictures? Thanks, a special hug and hi! to our son, Demian. Adrian and Andrea, from Guatemala:)