Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tuesday, July 22

Delegation of the day: Brazil and Sweden

Today the delegation of the day was both Brazil and Sweden, so Brazil started waking up people with a little demonstration of axe music. Then morning gym, flagtime and breakfast, cleaninggroups and in the first activity we played a really good game. Each delegation has a paper with the name of their own country. When the person in the middle says switch, we needed to pass the paper to the delegation on our right side, till all the delegations had written what they knew about each country. In the end each country made some comments on what was right and wrong on their paper. We really liked it because we could learn more about other cultures.

Then: freetime, lunchtime, siesta and second activity. Since the weather was really good this day, the activity was outside! We played some watergames. In the first one everybody sat in a circle and one person walked around the circle and threw water on another. Then the two of them had to run around the circle and the first person back could sit down. The other games were cooperation games, but with water. The kids loved the games and even more to get the leaders and eachother wet!

At dinner we had a competition between the tables. They had to make up a song with the words "Sweden, Brazil, friendship, CISV and best". They made up some good songs!

At night we had our last national night; Brazil. First they showed some pictures from the main cities, wildlife, food, dance and people. After that they presented one of their national dances called Frevo and Forro. Everybody got to join in on their demonstration of their Carneval. To eat we got brigadeiro (a kind of chocolateballs), pão de queíso, sonho de valsa and they gave us their album. It was a really good night! In the evening Sweden had flagtime, and in lullabies both Sweden and Brazil chose the songs!

Big hugs to everyone, from Brazil and Sweden!

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GOOO BRAZIIL!! brigadeirooooo!!!!

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