Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14

Delegation of the day: Lithuania

Here we go:

Lithuania is taking over the camp today. After Italy doing so good we were ready for not doing any worse. So the 14th of July started by Daniele, Kasparas, Migle, Vytenis and Justas saying LABASRYTAS to everyone. Activity one started really great with a game of the week- "Chinese Masters". Having seven different stations with Olivia having toothbrushing-activity, Sara- obsticle-course, Papis and Sean had "River of lava", Eleonora- dancing and balancing a mophandle, Ricardo chalanged kids with an activity using shoes, Justas was trying to energize every team asking them to come with the activity kids loved most and last but surly not least Thais and Lars' activity where they asked to make kids float in the air.

As much fun as we had during the first activity, sadly lunch was late. But all the worries forgotten when just before lunch every participants hands were tied together for next game called "Handicap-lunch". This game was played to teach everyone co-operation and communication. The third magic word of the day was "trust". To gain more trust in eachother, we played a game called "Falling tree". After it followed the evaluation of all the activities in a circle of nations, with many kids saying how they felt about todays activities.

No matter how lovely and nice the the day was, it came to an end and we finished it by singing "...we all say LABANAKTIS to them, and tomorrow we'll meet again."

With all the love- Daniele, Kasparas, Migle, Vytenis and Justas

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