Friday, July 11, 2008

Thursday, July 10

Delegation of the day: Germany

Today we had nice weather so we went to the lake. We walked 30 minutes to reach it. In the lake was a wooden island where we played a lot. The water was cold.

When we came back, the delegation from Guatemala presented their country. We played a typcal birthday game called "Pinjata". They showed us a traditional dance in their traditional clothes. They made a snack: chocolate-bananas, sweet cheese and chips with beans. After the snack we made necklesses and played lotteria (bingo). It was funny and we won a prize. We had a nice day! Thanks to Guatemala and the sun!

Pia, Nico, Martin, Marie & Frauke


Anonymous said...

Hello! Congratulations to the Guatemala delegation...and a special hello! to Demian, our son. Best wishes, Adrian and Andrea, from Guatemala:)

Anonymous said...

GO,GO Guatemala, congratulations on you national night, we hope everyone had a great time with the piñata, and Loteria, a very special Hello to our daughter Kristina!!! we wish she´s having a great time with you wishes from Guatemala, Annika & Adolfo Huggs+kisses

Anonymous said...

Hello people!!!!
We want to see more photos!!!
It's look so nice eveything!!!We want to share all the emotIons!!!Send more photos please!!!
Thank you!!!!

Ingrid from Brazil!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for everybody!!! Could you post more photos??? Thank you and Best Regards!!!
Paulo D'andréa from Brazil

Anonymous said...

como que se hablò mucho de Guatemala me permito escribir en castellano para saludarlos y felicitarlos. Ademas leìmos que muchas personas del village vivieron en latinoamerica: un saludo tambièn a ellos....
We are waiting more fhotos, they are wonderful!!!!!!
Are you happy
Gianni from Rome