Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008

Delegation of the day: Brazil

The brazilian delegation woke everybody up. We planned to put some brazilian music on but there was no power at all this morning. Then we had flagtime, where the whole delegation says goodmorning to all countries.

After Breakfast and cleaningtime, we had the first activity: amoeba game. Then we were split into 4 different groups and in each one there were different games. It was really nice because we learned eachothers names.

FREETIME.. It was a really GREAT TIME! People were writing letters, playing basketball and other stuff. LUNCHTIME, SIESTA and SECOND ACTIVITY: one of our favourite games was Streets and avenues. The whole day was really nice and cool!!!

At night we learned a new song that got stuck in our heads forever.. huahua.. "oh recycle.." and then the staff explained to us the difference of each participant of the camp: JC, leaders, staff and kitchen staff.

Finally, lullabies.. One of our favourite moments of the day. The best song was "Leaving on a jetplane".


Brazilian delegation =)

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Anonymous said...

aeee brassiilll! Saudades Bi!