Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday, July 16

Delegation of the day: USA

Howdy Friends!

The United States delegation kicked off the day with a peaceful wakeup call because a calm start was needed for our busy EXCURSION DAY! After breakfast, the camp packed their bags full of warm clothes, camera, and other fun stuff and headed up to a farmhouse in the lovely Norwegian mountains. When we arrived, everyone was given a chance to feed the cows slices of bread. Ten cows pushing up on a fence, and eleven year olds screeching in fears of the cows' long tongues was quite a site. After a relaxing walk to a pond, everyone was given the chance to enjoy a lovely Norwegian meal consisting of porridge and different meats. Our stay with our very kind CISV friend concluded with a game of 'Red Rover' and some fruit for the road.

That night, the United States delegation taught the camp how to make S'mores in the schools Lova (cool tipi looking thing). The activity was filled with a few burnt marshmallows, a camp song about a sleepy moose, and some really cool communication games like 'Indian Chief'. Everyone was able to make this intricate campfire delight and have the recipe in their United States booklet so they can make it for you when they return.

All in all, it was a great day. The delegates really enjoyed branching outside of camp but definitely seemed happy to be back at camp by the end of the night. And of course, the United States delegation rocked the house with their crazy silliness.

Alex, Spencer, Sean, Sivan, and Gray


Anonymous said...

Hey kids, where's the photos???

Anonymous said...

we want more photos??

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for all the updates! It is wonderful to get to know what you are up to, and to see everyone's happy faces.
Enjoy the rest of the camp. A big Hello to the Canadian Delegation!!
& love to Laura.
Michael, Candice, Ben, Lianne + Max