Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday, July 11

Delegation of the day: Guatemala

We woke up everybody with music from a guatemalan singer named Ricardo Arjona. In the first activity we did a couple of energizers. We learned how to dance a traditional dance from Russia called "Troika", and we played "Catch the hat" which was a runninggame in which the boys play against the girls to see who catches the hat first. It was really funny!!

In the second activity we had the presentation of the German delegation. They taught us some folk dances and after that we went from the gym to the dininghall while following pictures of the delegation, big cities in Germany and important places they have. The path lead us to german sweets, it was very good!

At night in the third activity we had Norwegian national night. It was awesome! They were wearing their national costume. First they tauhgt us folkdances such as "Hallingdance". A person is standing holding a stick that has a hat at the end, another person has to dance around it and then kick the hat off the stick. After that the delegation presented a play of "Askeladden and the Troll" where a boy fools the troll. It was very good! Then we tasted porridge.

Kristina, Dani, Demian, Andrés and Ricardo


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, Thankyou staff for posting more pictures of our kids, we can see that they are having a great time there..just by seeing them with a smile makes our DAY!!! we send a special Hello to the Guatemala delegation and to our daughter Kristina, with love Annika & Adolfo (Please put all the pictures you can,so we can share with you all the happy moments your spending together, thankyou)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for the pictures and for the nice time our kids had...and will have! A special kiss to our son Demi, viva Guatemala!!!!! Adrian and Andrea.