Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday, July 12

Delegation of the day: Iceland

We had a sleep-in yesterday that no one except the leaders knew about.Sleeping a little longer was lovely, but some of the children just woke up at 8 o'clock as usual while others enjoyed sleeping for twoextra hours. There were not many children to wake up for the Icelandicdelegation but Icelandic music was played nonetheless.

After breakfast it was cleaning groups as usual. We are all indifferent cleaning groups and find it ok to do a bit of cleaning inthe morning. Elsewise the school would be a mess. In the activity after lunch, JC-shop and siesta we played a blinking game that was lots of fun. Girls were sitting in the inner circle and boys in the outer. There was always one free seat in the boys' circle so the boys behind the free seat had to blink a girl to get them to come to theirfree seat. The boy behind the girl that was blinked then had to touchher on the shoulder to prevent her from leaving. We also did someenergizer and played a fun game called Mickey Mouse.

After spending a long time indoors as it had been raining we went outside for ten minutes and played one running game and got some fresh air. Some of the children are doing a competition within their owndelegation in who has the tidiest bed and desk. After shower many children therefore try to tidy up a bit around their beds.

We had pizza for dinner, a delicious pizza. After that Sweden had their national night. They sang an ABBA song and then all of us danced around the maypole (midsommarstång), something Swedes typically do in late June. That was lots of fun. We also got some sweets and solved a puzzle with pictures from Sweden.

Hildur, Jóhann Klemens, Tryggvi, Helena Rakel & Alma.

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Anonymous said...

Well, nice day! After sleeping things look better and nicer! Congs to Guatemala, late but sure, and we hope you did enjoy Ricardo Arjona and Ricardo Mora dance:)Thanks for the pictures, we saw Demi, he is really paying attention!